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  • Internet Cafe

Pay as you go surfing for £2 per hour
Prepaid membership available and pay £5 and get 5 hours of surfing time valid for 7 days
£10=11 hours valid for 14 days
Wireless hotspot available for users who wants to get their laptops to Webzone

  • Call shop

Cheaper calls worldwide with International calling booths
Large selection of calling cards available from £1

  • Mobile services

Mobile phone unlocking and repair from £10
All Sim cards from £5 and Lebara Sim card £1.50

  • Payzone

We do Gas payments, top up with gas cards, Water bills, Electricity payments and Key top up, Catalogue payments, mobile top up and much more
Western Union money transfer (Send/Receive)

Payzone WorldWide Money

Prepaid Credit card top up